Welcome to iv·electronics.

Our vast experience in the industrial area, and the use of reliable new products of named companies, rendered us since 2004 powerfull and inventive in the manufacture and maintenance of industrial electronic systems and devices.

Engineering, research, design & fabrication

of prototype electronic systems and devices, with microprocessor, lcd screen & keypad (if needed), power electronics (for controlling motors, valves or high current devices), special pc-based control units with touchscreen monitor & much more constructions to the needs of the customer.

Retrofit & upgrade

of old CNC plasma, oxygen, waterjet cutting machines & router engraving machines (3 Axis). With the use of our iv·cnc pc-based controller.Watch Video

Repair and sales

of industrial electronic & electric devices. Sales of Toshiba® AC brushless motors, drive units, motor & encoder/resolver cables and gearboxes.